Manufacturer Check of Orgianl Mobile IMEI country of origin

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IMEI is the unique number identification of a cell / mobile phone. All mobile phones have a unique number – therefore you would not find two with the same number.

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Press the following on your mobile * # 0 6 # and the-international mobile equipment identity number appears. Then check the 7th and 8th numbers:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

To check your IMEI number, key in “*#06#” (star hash zero six hash) on your Nokia mobile phone’s keypad just as you would when you dial a phone number to make a call.
More detailed info. This only applies for phones after year 2004.
Format of IMEI is just like show below:
AA-BBBBBB = Type Allocation Code (TAC)
CCCCCC = Serial sequence
D = Luhn check digit. (or zero if no checks)

From AA: you can know the Reporting Board – example 35 is BABT (British Approval Board for Telecommunications).

Use this to help you decide on a purchase! This is repost of an early member’s with a few newer editions:

To find out where your nokia phone was made look at digits number 7and 8 (YY) of your IMEI.


XXXXXX = Type Appoval Code

ZZZZZZ = serial number

A = check digit

10 = Finland also 01 = Finland
20 = Germany
30 = Korea
40 = China
50 = Brazil, USA, Finland
60 = HK, China, Mexico
70 = Finland
80 = Hungary
91 = Finland

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  1. Hi, I’m looking to buy a mobile phone on ebay. The mobile’s imei number
    is 357841-03-014612-6 . Do you know where ’03’ location is?



  2. The above information is not correct. None of the manufacturer of mobile phones are providing the country name in their IMEI number. Please check with the website of Nokia to ascertain the veracity of this comments.

    • 04 is china made.

  3. my nokia phone is showing the 7th and the 8th nos in imei as o4,and i cannot find which is this make can you please help me to find this out, and in the sticker its written as made in finland

  4. Hi friend, When i found out my IMEI number, it showed to me as “35”. My IMEI number is 353381040393073 but while checking it directly i get it as “04”.. I got I got the “35” figure form a site known as numberingplans.. I am a bit confused now. Please can you help me regarding this cos i need to find out the country details. It would be a great help if you could help me out of this.
    Awaiting for a reply from you.


    Shazni Fahmi

  5. i love mobile phones that can surf the net in lightning fast speed;:”

  6. FINLAND has 10,01,50,70,91
    so many is this true
    what about india ?

  7. Thanks for your advice.

    I want to know from the above mobile manufacturer country which country provides best quality of mobile.

    This is important for me to know because i have an mobile phone which is manufactured in CHINA but it is the worst mobile phone that i had seen.

    Please do reply my question.

    Thanks once again

  8. my mobile bears IMEI 910002220124932, and 910002220124940. its 7 an 8 digit is 22 where it has been manufactured and whether this is valid imei.

  9. My fon has digits 03 on positions 7 and 8 respectively and I would like to know the Manufacture Country

  10. HI,


  11. hello i a also having same i brought nokia n8 mobile from dubai . but i has manufacture from finland … the IEMI no starting from 352531310227….. any one solve this problem

  12. 10 = Finland or 01 = Finland
    20 = Germany or 02
    30 = Korea or 03
    40 = China or 04
    50 = Brazil, USA, Finland or 05
    60 = HK, China, Mexico or 06
    70 = Finland or 07
    80 = Hungary or 08
    91 = Finland or 19

  13. those digits for manufac country are not the same for all manufacture ex: 04 or 40 = korea for samsung but china for Nokia

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